The Collection

We created Baruna Silver® to help you bring your diving dreams to life.

Let our silver dangle from your wrist, reminding you of the wonders you long to find under the ocean. Wear Baruna Silver to remember the moment you first swam with Manta Rays, or caught a glimpse of the elusive Whale Shark. Choose the Mola Mola to recall its ascent from the depths of the ocean. 

All of the jewellery in the Baruna collection is made of sterling silver, preserving your memories forever. Collect your diving memories on Baruna Silver’s unique bracelet or key-chain, and add a charm for every dream that comes true. Or choose our rubber necklace, and wear a Baruna Silver pendant close to your heart.

Our exclusive collection is made by traditional Balinese silversmiths in Celuk, the heart of Bali. Every detail is handcrafted to create a unique treasure.


Live the diving life. Live your dreams. Live Baruna Silver.


The Pendants

Mola Mola (Sunfish)

Manta Ray


Whale Shark


Hammerhead Shark


Reef Shark


Blue Marlin                                                       Giant Trevally


Mahi Mahi                                                                  Tuna


The Charms


                    Seahorse                                      Mola Mola                                   Manta Ray

                   Dolphin                                     Whale Shark                                            Turtle

               Whale Tail


How To Wear Your Baruna Silver


Baruna Silver offers a traditionally crafted solid silver bracelet to collect your charms and a knotted synthetic bracelet with silver rings in which you can clip in the charms.
The knotted bracelet with silver rings is a more casual way of wearing the charms.

Capped with a silver lobster, the Baruna Silver rubber cord is a stylish way to wear our pendants. Wear it as a necklace, or wrap it around your wrist or ankle to create a bracelet. Then, choose a pendant or a charm to adorn your cord. Our rubber cords measure either 2mm or 3mm in diameter.




If you love our silver charms dangling from your ears, choose Baruna Silver's classy earrings and add the charm of your choice.

Adapter Charm:

For those of you who are already addicted to the Pandora® bracelet style, we created an adapter charm. Now you can add Baruna Silver charms to your favorite bracelet Pandora or other European style bracelets to remember the very moment.


Our exclusive key-chain also makes a beautiful gift, and is an excellent way to remember your diving experiences. Choose any of our charms to adorn your key-chain. Make a memory every time you open your front door.